About Me

My name is Theresa Turner. I am a wife, mother, music teacher, and girl scout leader. I am passionate about music, teaching, the outdoors (though my allergies do not always agree), and technology.

I spend most of my time with this lovely crew:

We probably should hire a real photographer, but in the meantime, I happily settle for group shots like this. I mean, everyone is smiling, so that’s a win in my book.

This handsome guy deals with me daily. He deserves a medal…seriously.

I also have these three fantastic penguins snowmen children…the mascot is not mine. The green screen, however, is mine, and we have way too much fun with it! 🙂


I love all three. I especially love that they are all so unique.


I work at a wonderful school with amazing educators and administration who have hearts to serve and are truly driven by a passion for what is best for kids. They also know how to have fun!

This is my amazing team from the 2017-2018 school year! These ladies entertain many of my crazy ideas and support me every day!

I even have a headset twin! 🙂

A bit more evidence: how many schools have a yearly hair donation tradition? Teachers, students and parents get involved!






Here’s a quick glimpse of some student-led movement in my classroom. I love what I do! 🙂

I also have the privilege to lead a few of my students and former students along with my own girls in two different girl scout troops. I am proud of these kiddos and all of the amazing things they have accomplished so far!