Storms and Light

Clouds have filled the skies lately. It is an interesting phenomenon as I have been inundated with my own slew of personal storms. It seems in my soul that the clouds are trying block the light.

It’s difficult sometimes to see, but deep down I know there is light shining if I choose to see. It breaks through, peeks out and gleams brightly with amazing beauty.

I’ve been gazing at the sky needing this reminder almost daily, and I have noticed something.

The most beautiful sunrises, sunsets, and skyscapes do not occur on a clear, sunny day. Sure, the bright blue, blemish-free sky is nice. The sunshine is glorious, but through the clouds comes the diversity of colors, the sparkling lines of glory, the shining beam of resilience and success.

There is beauty because of the clouds. So a reminder to myself and anyone who needs it:

Continue looking for joy and light amid the thick clouds. They give strength and perspective, so the glory that is you can shine through even brighter with an even more awe-inspiring beauty. You are amazing, clouds and all! Keep shining through!


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