I wish…

I never used to think I could make things happen. Little things maybe, but big things…they always felt like opportunities ripe for the picking in someone else’s life. This was one of the hardest shifts in my mindset, and one of the most frightening.

Rather than sitting around thinking “I wish…” or “If only…” I decided to focus on making things happen. My one word this year is “Purpose,” and reflecting on what I wanted my purpose in life, as a teacher, as a friend to be made me realize that it was time.

I need to be a change maker. I want to make an impact in the world through positivity, kindness, and music. You can’t make an impact while sitting still thinking “I wish…”

In leaping forward into action, there is a constant little voice inside questioning whether it will happen, and sometimes…it doesn’t happen. I am working on being okay with that. One of the quotes that keeps resonating in my head is this:

So, I’m taking big risks right now. I have been participating in twitter chats and digital summits for a while now thinking, wow, this would be amazing if there was something specifically for elementary music educators. Often elementary music teachers are alone at their campuses, and I wanted a place where music teachers can learn from each other and talk about some music class-specific struggles and ideas that we have.

As I sat there with my “I wish..” I decided to act, to give it life. I researched how to put on a summit (summit.elementarymusiced.com), and I have 6 people lined up to video interview, but it isn’t easy asking people I know, let alone a few I don’t know really well to freely give time in the summer for this, but I believe it is so important. I also jumped into hosting a twitterchat (#elmusedchat) on twitter.

I am diving in and getting things started. It is scary. I don’t want to be the face of anything. I am always afraid of judgement, ridicule. I fear being viewed as self-serving, but I remind myself that if I am focused on my purpose – it doesn’t matter what the nay-sayers think.

Making an impact isn’t about me. It is about helping others. Sharing and leading are about growing, learning & pushing the envelope on what you can do to inspire others to grow and learn and strive to push forward to be the best they can be. If I help one person, it is worth it.

It is worth it, but it is scary. Confidence wavers, but if you listen, the words of encouragement you need to hear are out there. It’s funny how that happens.

A few weeks ago at church, the priest said, “Somebody is dead.” Somebody has been responsible for so much for so long. You can no longer say “Somebody will step up. Somebody will take the lead. Somebody will make change happen.” When you see a need in front of you, when you see someone in need of help, it’s time to step up. It’s time to be the change.

Turn “I wish…” into reality. Take action and give it life. The worst thing that can happen is you fall on your face, but even then, you are still moving forward. Get up, brush yourself off and try again.


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