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I had a tough situation in my class this week. One that is weighing on my heart. I keep writing, deleting, and rewriting this, but it all boils down to an amazing student, with great potential who is right now letting anger impede success. How many times have you seen this student in your own classes or this adult out at the grocery store or driving down the street? The one who for some reason of past hurt, trauma, or emotional strife struggles to let the small stuff go.

I am working on a way to reach my student, to let her know this:

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It all feels so big.

I get it.

When someone throws hatred at you it can cause a flame of anger that you can easily let just boil you over.

There are types of hatred, discrimination I have never experienced, and I will never understand. There are some that I do. I have been an outsider living in another country where I don’t speak the language, someone who was ridiculed for where I had lived in my past by people who didn’t even take the time to know me, a kid on reduced lunch whose family couldn’t even afford legit denim (and in middle school, let me tell you, that alone gets you ostracized). I was someone whose home was not a safe place, constantly called stupid, lazy, inconsiderate, incapable, and worse by someone I should have been able to trust and rely on.

I was angry. I was hurting. I wanted to lash out, scream, throw things, hit things.

I get it.

Those feelings are real, but the only thing you get by throwing fire back at someone who is throwing fire is a burnt down wasteland.

I chose to use that fire as a light that shined so bright it would light up my world and hopefully those around me. I am still a work in progress, but this fire is so much better. It warms my soul.

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When someone throws out that fire of hatred, you have to let it light a passion for excellence, for molding yourself in those fires into something amazing.

You are destined for greatness, don’t let someone else’s hatred lay waste to your soul.

Rise up out of those flames as something new, a better version of you, looking forward to the greater things yet to come.

You will find a peaceful warmth, where you can focus that fire into your true passion and purpose.

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