My Favorite Kinder Story

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I have this friend named Johnny…or so my story goes. I started this song as a story a few years ago, and it has become a necessary staple in my kindergarten classes. We explore faster/slower, louder/quieter in a variety of ways, and it gets my students singing, at least by the 5th hammer. The video below goes through the basics of how my story goes, but every year it changes a bit.

Other variants we have done:

Johnny’s boss has a headache
Johnny wants to surprise his boss with a job well done (or a gift)

Fun Friday – Johnny is just excited!
An important visitor
The boss is trying to choose someone for a promotion (gotta make sure he notices, but also that we sound like we are doing a good job – this one gets great singing!)

Johnny hit the snooze too many times and was late
Johnny’s boss said if he finishes early, he can have the afternoon off

Johnny is sleepy (this one usually ends up with Johnny falling asleep at work again – silly Johnny!)
Johnny pulled a muscle, so his doctor told him to take it easy

Sometimes I let the kids help weave the story. I asked this week what they thought Johnny was making with his hammers. The best one was a magical plant. At least, I think it was a plant, but that’s not the best part. When asked how we would work so as not to increase the boss’s headache, the same student elaborately explained how we could have magical cushions on the hammers that were hard on the inside but squishy on the outside to absorb sound. It was a rather impressive suggestion. We rolled with it because it definitely made out sound quieter! 🙂

You never know what you are going to get with Kindergarteners, but I love this story because I can be in control and they are engaged or with classes that are ready to handle more choice and suggestions, I can lend them that freedom. Then I really have them!

Have a great day! 🙂


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