Nature Retreat

I took a bit of a hiatus. Sitting down and writing is difficult for me. Really, it’s the sitting down. I have 5 million things that I ‘need’ to do daily. Sometimes I need to get away.

Nature is my retreat. I could sit and listen to the breeze in the shade of beautiful tree or watch water flow on a lake or pond, just breathing it all in. Nature brings me joy and peace. How can one not wonder at the beauty that exists – unfiltered!

It is so important to find something in your life that helps remind you of the things that matter. I know that may seem superficial coming from someone who has a blog called “Living with Positivity” and is often accused of “smiling all the time,” but I struggle constantly. The point of positivity is not that things are always peachy keen. Positivity is looking for things that bring you joy. The more you look for joy, the more you find it, and the more you find moments of joy, the happier you will be. Even when you are struggling with anxiety, depression, self doubt (Oh, gracious, the self doubt!). Believe me, I know.

For me, my thing is nature, because nature is amazing. Nature doesn’t try to be anything it is not. It just is what it is and that, my friends, is what makes it beautiful. Just look!

This tree is majestic, strong, and graceful. The colors are phenomenal. I am no photographer, but the tree is beautiful on its own. It doesn’t need special filters. (Though I know some amazing photographers who could make this tree appear even more amazing than it already is.)





This terrain appears rocky and rough, but it still yields itself to growth and development.


Nature is so poetic…and inspiring.



Then there is this little guy, surrounded by taller, stronger, sturdier trees, but looking for the light, he is growing strong. Those leaves stand confidently asserting their place in the light.


This one may be my favorite, though. What a quirky little bit of nature. All of the knobs, unlike the trees and brush surrounding it. It just makes me smile. Perhaps it is because I know I am quite quirky myself.

Nature reminds me that I do not have to try to be anything except the best version of myself. Who I am is what makes me beautiful. You do not have to try to be anything except the best version of yourself. Who you are makes you beautiful.





My children have started to really appreciate nature as well. It is awesome to hear my oldest say how much she loves water. It brings her joy. Even just watching and listening to it.




My middle one looks for “cute” bugs and things. She found this hiding on a walking path. It was a VERY exciting moment in our walk. I love her enthusiasm.

…and of course no family would be complete without the tree-hugger. Seriously. This boy just loves to hug trees. It is his thing.

It brings him joy. Power to him. It is such a simple thing, but the joy is so profound. I love that my family will enjoy nature with me. It makes the moments even better.

And if you don’t believe me after all of that blabbing, here it some more food for thought about the Positivity of Nature: The Positive Effects of Nature on Well Being






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